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Novel: Caught up in the mundane

In Novel on August 4, 2013 at 3:58 am

Here is a link to the novel that I write one page at a time.

There’s so many mundane actions that I do every day that have a great deal of meaning. For instance, I usually check my purse for my car keys before I leave the house or any store. That’s an incredibly meaningful action. Without those keys, I can’t get in my car and run the countless errands that life involves. But, IT’S BORING.

How much of these actions do my characters need to be walked through? Is it imperative that I describe how Leslie picks up the garage opener before going for gas? Will my readers wonder how the heck she got back in her house? Or, am I trying to hard to make Leslie seem like an everyday woman.


Novel: Pop Up characters?

In Bar Prep Problems, Novel on July 5, 2013 at 3:08 am

Here is a link to the novel that I am writing one page at a time.

I often write when I can’t sleep (and don’t feel like doing bar prep practice problems), so I have a notebook (with the perfect paper) that I use for draft writing. I don’t have much a plan for this story.  I just write in such a way that I can reflect on whatever negative emotions I am experiencing. This is quite cathartic.

But, as I was writing last night: a character “created” himself. I had no plans for him (Lawrence). He just kind of forced his way into the story. But, he is weird and a little creepy and I don’t really like him at the moment. Moreover, I am not sure why he is weird and creepy. I’m not sure if Lawrence will be in the whole story.

The funny thing is: I don’t care right now. It felt good to move another person into the story other than my protagonist. I have decided that I will deal with him when he needs to be dealt with.

Is this a unique occurrence? Do any other writers experience “pop-up” characters?

Novel: Dredging up the past

In Encouragement, Novel, Thoughts on Christianity on June 22, 2013 at 4:50 am

Here is a link to the novel that I am writing one page at a time.

I intend this story to be a way for me to walk through a number of emotions that I am trying to put into perspective and sort out. I want to write the emotions in regular words, not emotion words. I am wondering how much it will help me to forgive and contextualize if I dredge up those emotions so that I tackle them head on. Some of these emotions have been hiding, disguised as something else, in my life. Right now, I am dealing with self-loathing and self-hatred. I am dealing with loneliness and isolation.

The other day I cleaned out my car–I did a pretty awesome detail job. But, I had so much stuff from my time as a ministry worker. Forms, offering envelopes, tons of pens, worship and praise CDs, bible study notes, bible study ideas, clip boards, notebooks. There was so much stuff that I didn’t think that I would be able to sort through it all. But, I went through every bag and every scrap. Some of it I kept. Much of it went in the trash and the recycle bin. And, it was sad to see that so many things that once had meaning for my life were now meaningless. But, it also felt great to put each thing in its proper place. It felt great to have a clean and near car that has plenty of space for new adventures.

I’m thinking I can do something similar with my heart.

Novel: Am I the main character?

In Novel on June 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm

Click here to read the novel that I am writing page-by-page, day-by-day.

I thought about it a long time. Actually, I haven’t undertaken to write any fiction in a while because one of the main characters ALWAYS turns out to be me. I try REALLY hard to create characters who aren’t like me, but somehow there’s always one tall drink of water who acts a lot like I do.

This time, I ignored the urge to even try. Yes, the main character is me. Well, not ME. But, she does have my sense of humor. She probably will end up looking like me. Have I tried to asphyxiate myself in my own garage? Trick’s on you: my house doesn’t have a garage. But, seriously: no, I have not. It just seems to me that so much of writing is glossing over underlying emotions for the sake of description or glossing over outward appearances for the sake of underlying emotion that I need to know WHAT I am glossing over.

While it would be great to write about a super-rich male astronaut, it would also be difficult. I don’t currently have the time to research what it’s like to be an astronaut and I hardly think it’s fair to just make something up about men, astronauts, or the wildly rich. So, I’m taking by far the easiest way out and dumping as many of my own characteristics into her as possible.


In Bar Prep Problems, Law School Problems, Novel, Somewhat disjointed rant... on June 17, 2013 at 12:33 am

I’m starting a novel in what I thought was an original way. But, as there is nothing new under the sun, it turns out that other authors are also writing their stories online and doing the meta-cognitive task of revealing the back story in an accompanying blog.

I’ve never attempted writing a novel before. But, while I am studying for the bar, I want to give myself an outlet that does not require rules or form or strictures–and mostly: doesn’t require listening or memorization. Sigh. I need a left brain activity.

So, I’m turning to the paper. I have a new, crisp, and overly expensive composition book. I have some awesome pens. And, I have an idea.