#UMWFG: be right or be for the good

In Happiness on October 17, 2013 at 2:29 am

I’m on a mission through the end of November to live a happier life by focusing on using my words for good (#umwfg).

So, I’m a lawyer to be. And, I’m the youngest in my family. I like being right. It’s satisfying at a molecular level. But, being right does not always lead to good feelings. Even after I announce that I’m right, I’m usually still annoyed; I feel self-righteous, ruffled, and generally contrary to the person who was wrong.

Perhaps being right isn’t always important.

Today, for the first time, I tried thinking about whether it would be more important to be right or to be for the good. Essentially, the reason being right seems so important to me sometimes is because I take it so personally that the other person seems wrong to me. I take it as an actual person affront that this person, for example, thinks that Lil Wayne would make a great President. I’m offended. I’m outraged. My whole sense of self has been called into question!!!!(!!!!!!!!!!!).

But, is that really necessary? Obviously, it’s not.

The next time one of my colleagues is looking for something that I obviously must have (even though I know that I don’t have it….obviously), and then I find said thing on his/her desk….in his/her plain sight, I am going to TRY to remember to use my words for good. It’s just as easy to say, “Oh, here it is. Found it” as it is to say, “See. I told you I didn’t have it. Come here. Look at this. Just look at this. Here it is. You see it? It’s right there on YOUR desk. If it had been a snake it would have killed you. Next time try looking in front of you.” For the record, this last example is pretty close to something I’ve actually said…..more than once in my life.

The first response will likely lead me to feel more peaceful and will likely not engender disdain in the heart of my colleague.

Using my words for good.


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