My own personal ignorance

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2013 at 6:59 am

I feel empathy for Paula Deen. She has been exposed to examination and ridicule for using inappropriate and disrespectful words. I don’t really care to get into whether or not she is racist or if Food Network was right. My purpose is different.

I’m admitting that I have also used inappropriate, disrespectful language. Before I can engage in discussions about how words CAN hurt, I have to own and address the wrong I’ve done.

I have said hurtful and ignorant things about LGBT persons in the past. The only acceptable explanation is that I focused more on what I felt to be important differences. I did not stop to think that the words I said affected actual individuals with the same emotional soft spots that I have. I never considered that my words made room for hateful, murderous inclinations in others.

But, I learned quickly that a person is a person is a person. I am thankful for friends and colleagues who had open minds and hearts. I am thankful for forums and spaces that welcomed everyone. I am thankful for people who saw beyond my ignorance.

I learned that it’s actually none of my business who loves what person. I learned that I was being small minded by even concerning myself with another person’s sexuality. I learned that I would actually do myself a favor if I pulled my head out of my….well, basically: my ignorant attitude was not at all (to use a cliche that seems apt) an attitude for which Jesus would give me a thumbs up.

By no means am I a shining champion. I say things I shouldn’t. I still get nosey. I am not proactive or educated enough. But, that’s not because I grew up in a neighborhood where “everyone” was straight. It’s not because I grew up in a time where bashing a person’s sexuality was common place. It’s not because I was raised in an evangelical Christian church.

The reason is simple: some days, I get too comfortable with my own ignorance.


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