Novel: Am I the main character?

In Novel on June 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm

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I thought about it a long time. Actually, I haven’t undertaken to write any fiction in a while because one of the main characters ALWAYS turns out to be me. I try REALLY hard to create characters who aren’t like me, but somehow there’s always one tall drink of water who acts a lot like I do.

This time, I ignored the urge to even try. Yes, the main character is me. Well, not ME. But, she does have my sense of humor. She probably will end up looking like me. Have I tried to asphyxiate myself in my own garage? Trick’s on you: my house doesn’t have a garage. But, seriously: no, I have not. It just seems to me that so much of writing is glossing over underlying emotions for the sake of description or glossing over outward appearances for the sake of underlying emotion that I need to know WHAT I am glossing over.

While it would be great to write about a super-rich male astronaut, it would also be difficult. I don’t currently have the time to research what it’s like to be an astronaut and I hardly think it’s fair to just make something up about men, astronauts, or the wildly rich. So, I’m taking by far the easiest way out and dumping as many of my own characteristics into her as possible.


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