At the bar (review): Day 1

In Law School Problems on May 21, 2013 at 2:21 am

Oh, no. The class portion of bar review has not started yet. Today was the foundation course start day (and I, as customary, have decided to do it my own way…more about that later). It was better than I expected; but, it definitely was not as awesome as going to Six Flags.

Lessons learned from day one:

1. Wake up by 9 am.

2. Each correct answer is worth a mini-celebration.

3. Drawing smiley faces by each correct answer is a mini-celebration.

4. Buy index cards. You will need them.

5. Having cute pens makes everything more fun.

More tomorrow. I’m off to cruise Amazon so that I can find some cute pens…maybe something involving unicorns.


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