Thoughts on my Tummy

In Encouragement, R[evol]ution on February 1, 2013 at 3:34 am

I spent, like, an hour last night thinking about my tummy. Quite frankly, my tummy causes me a lot of distress. It is the one part of my body that I unequivocally do NOT like. I am going to cut it straight with you. My waist measures in the neighborhood of 34″ (or less depending on my hormones). I want it to measure 30 inches. I want to have that severe hourglass look. I don’t now, and I feel less pretty. Plus, I have the inevitable ticking biological clock thoughts that if I can’t get my waistline together now, chances plummet to get it together after having a child in my late 30s or 40s.

It’s squishy.  You can’t see my bellybutton (though I was born with a decisive outtie).  At the top, it’s flat. But, at the middle and bottom, it’s…puffy. By no means is it firm. My love handles cause me a little concern, too–not as much as my actual tummy. I have stretch marks–but those don’t bother me either as I got them when I was 17 and young and beautiful.

I can run a 10 minute mile; actually, a 9 minute mile some days. I can do some incredible things in Pilates. I am great at writing a brief and doing legal research. I have a nice singing voice. I have a cute smile. But, I place a lot of emphasis on my tummy.  And I hate it when I do that! It’s senseless and pointless. But, somehow at some point in my life, I learned to equate the flatness of a tummy with a person’s beauty.

There it is. When I/if I have children, I will strive to make sure that they don’t make connections between things that don’t go together.

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