Choose to be Amazed

In Encouragement, R[evol]ution on January 29, 2013 at 3:08 am

On the drive home from classes tonight, the moon was directly in front of me: large, silvery-yellow, cratered, and nestled in a halo of clouds. It was beautiful. I felt as if I was caught up in a special moment. The gorgeous moon right in the center of my windshield as I drove east to home.

In reality, it wasn’t a special moment, was it? Dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other people were looking at the same moon at the same moment.

But, I chose to be amazed. And that made all the difference. In that moment of amazement (at a sight that some would call ordinary), I felt validated. I felt connected. I felt in awe of the power of God. I felt purposeful. I felt beautiful.

Up until that moment, I had been feeling a little tired–a little inadequate (having just left a criminal law class in which my colleagues have some really impressive criminal law experience)–a little overwhelmed (having been running through a never ending to-do list).

That all fell away like scales.

I am going to choose to be amazed more often; I am going to choose to see the spectacular more often; I am going to choose to look at the world around me more often.


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