And I’m still Black

In R[evol]ution, Somewhat disjointed rant..., Uncategorized on January 24, 2013 at 5:04 am

Today, for some reason, was the breaking point. That title is pretty aggressive, huh? Well, I’ve been carrying it around with me for 31 years.

I’m still Black. No matter what anyone says about my vocabulary, my choice of friends, my choice of college, my lack of athleticism, my love of tans, my choice of music, my fashion, my accent, my hair, my skin or my figure. The content of my character neither changes nor is changed by the color of my skin. What I choose to do with my race does not threaten or invalidate what you choose to do with yours. The fact that I may not conform to a stereotype only serves to underscore the fact that stereotypes are stupid.

I’ve been told many times: “Black people don’t do that….” or “You cannot be Black if you’ve never….” I have just recently realized how incorrect and small-minded such viewpoints are–after spending miserable years trying to prove to (wrong and ignorant) people that I am ________ (Black, Christian, feminine, etc.).

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