Christian Jesters in the Kingdom of Heaven

In R[evol]ution, Thoughts on Christianity on December 13, 2012 at 6:39 am

The title says it all.

This was not the original post I intended to publish under this title, but why waste a perfectly good title! Originally, I planned to lambast Westboro Baptist Church, Chick-fil-A (I may get into that in another post….there’s quite a story there), and all manner of people who have (in my opinion) used Jesus to cover up some very shabby (to say the least) and not Christian beliefs. I was going to use a series of pointed catch words like hypocrite and Pharisee, along with the required stock phrases (“judge not lest ye be judged”).

Lightning bolt. Am I not also being pretty judgmental? Basically, all I planned on doing was pointing out a group of people and using scripture to say, HEY! SEE ME? MY BELIEFS ARE RIGHT! MY BELIEFS ARE FAR MORE JESUS-Y THAN YOURS. What a waste (though I am aware that I have passively aggressively done the very thing that I didn’t want to do).

This was all set in motion because one of my Twitter followers retweeted some tweets by a lady who is very much against the legalization of marijuana. I began to fall into my sanctimonious attitude while I read some of her tweets, planning on how to rip her a theological new one. Then, I began to read some of the derisive and dismissive responses she had already gotten. She responded to none of the them, and kept on tweeting.

Who am I to judge? How can I afford to waste time by showing off my Christian demi-hipsterism? She believes that her assignment is to inform people about the pitfalls of smoking weed. Am I the one to tell her that there are (in my opinion) far more important things to worry about? No. I am the one to concentrate on the path laid out before me, to complete the assignment that I am given, to judge the fruits of my labor.

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