Rejection Solution

In Encouragement, R[evol]ution, Somewhat disjointed rant... on December 8, 2012 at 4:07 am

Total downer of a title, right?

But, it comes. It happens. Rejection. The insidious thing about rejection is that it makes an impression on you. It lasts for a while, and it comes in stages. There is the initial sting. The acceptance. The waves of it coming back. And, rejection can come from so many sources: strangers, family, friends, jobs, school, contests, FaceBook…the possibilities are truly endless.

But, here’s a word for the rejected: it gets better. It fades. It evaporates. It will atrophy. I promise you; after going through several different kinds of rejection, I have learned a couple of things about dealing with rejection.

The most important thing I have learned: DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. I know, I know. The facts are the facts: they/she/he/it didn’t want you; they/she/he it didn’t choose you; they/she/he/it decided that you weren’t “right” for whatever it was.

My problem was always that I took it personally. Because I wasn’t right for THAT, I just wasn’t right; there was something wrong with me; if I could fix that thing wrong with me, then next time I wouldn’t get rejected! My mind would take me through a pseudo-logical progression.

STOP. Stop your brain. Stop your own pseudo-logical progression. The facts are the facts and that’s all they are. You weren’t right for THAT. For a reason. Maybe you don’t know what that reason is right now. And, maybe you will not/do not agree with that reason. But, that’s all it is. You weren’t right for THAT. But, YOU ARE RIGHT. Your life is so much more than THAT. Everyday, wake up and JUST BE. Some people will tell you to look for something joyful or happy or affirming. No, I say: just be. Slowly, you will begin to feel the rightness of YOU. Breathe, eat, sleep, learn, talk, love: BE.

Just be.


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