Lovely Tears

In Encouragement, R[evol]ution, Somewhat disjointed rant..., Thoughts on Christianity on November 28, 2012 at 5:00 am

Today was that day.

That day that left me in tears. I believe that tears are cleansing. When I cry, I have to consider why I am crying and then I either have to face it or ignore it. My tears are a direct expression coming out of me of some emotion. The most important question:  how did I get to this emotional place? (Today I was too concerned with physical surroundings and atmospheric factors. In other words, today was a day full of chaos, clutter, and few accomplishments. )  The next question: how can I avoid this place (or, revisit if the emotion is positive. Today, however, it was ALLLLLL bad)? (I need to be at peace within myself).

After asking those two questions, I make my plan for tomorrow. (I need to be concerned about God and other permanent things rather than things that either time or personal effort can change. No matter what my body is doing, I need to keep my mind stayed on God, however, I need to be spirit-led, rather than body led). Tomorrow’s plan inevitably means learning from today’s tears.

I close-out with a pep-talk (on top of some great music). Today, I reminded myself that earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal; that there is a time for all things; that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me; that I am in this place but not of it; that for some reason beyond my comprehension, God saw fit to shed innocent blood for my life and that indicates that I have a purpose. I am praising God right now for giving me the clarity of mind to learn from today, and I am thankful for THIS lesson even as I am hopeful for a better tomorrow.

But, more than anything else, I remember that only three things can take me through to tomorrow: faith, hope, and love. But, the most important thing is love. I need to wake up tomorrow and LOVE: love God, love my parents, love my friends, love my colleagues, love studying, love my job.

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