Love Letter to Women

In Encouragement, Love and Romance, R[evol]ution, Somewhat disjointed rant... on November 20, 2012 at 9:40 pm

Dear Sisters,

You are my sisters. All of you female-beings who were told that you were ugly and undesirable because your skin is different colored, and your hair  is different textured, and your eyes are different shaped, and your body is different curved, and your music is different rhythm-ed, and your life is different cultured: all of you are my sisters and I love you because you are mine. I love you because you are there. I love you because I have been richly loved.

You wake up in the morning and go forth into a world that isn’t necessarily accepting of you. So, I remind you that you have the power to be accepting of yourself.

Accept your hair. Short, long, wavy, curly, kinky, straight, black, brown, red, blond, relaxed, loc’ed, braided, cornrowed, sewn-in.

Accept your figure.  Leggy, hippy, short-waisted, long-waisted, willowy, thick.

Accept your strengths. There is nothing wrong with being strong, as long as you can…

Accept your weaknesses. That way, you will know when to ask for help.

Accept your past mistakes. Contextualize them as part of your present strengths.

Accept your past triumphs. But, don’t allow these to define you and, therefore, stagnate you.

Accept your past relationships. Maybe it was your fault; maybe it wasn’t. Take time to get to know yourself and who can contribute to your healthy life.

Accept your family. Those people may or may not be healthy for you, but you came from them. You are here; they are here. Accept the fact of their existence at the very least.

Accept Love. To accept it, you have to give it. Reach out to others in kindness; share the smile that you have worked so hard to have. Once you start to give love, you will find it easier to accept love from God, from men, from women, from children.

Accept God. He is there. All love comes from Him. When you accept love and when you give love, you are touched by a drop from the endless, bottomless ocean of Love that is God.

You are worth acceptance. I know that because I am worth acceptance, and I refuse to believe that I am exceptional in that regard. You exist for a reason: accept it.




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