Church Refugees

In Encouragement, R[evol]ution, Somewhat disjointed rant..., Thoughts on Christianity on November 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm

I know you are out there. Maybe like me, you’ve been a part of church for a while. Maybe like me, you’ve been Christian for a while. Maybe like me, you believe that your relationship with Jesus Christ is the most profound and affecting and effective relationship you have.

Maybe like me, you are not actively involved in a church. I am not going to go into all the details, but I truly do feel like a refugee from the church (notice I say “church” meaning the gathering of people, rather than Church meaning the body of Christ). There was too much going wrong, too much pain for me to remain where I had come to feel at home. So, I left. No one put me out. No one asked me to leave. I left.

And, I felt lost. To be sure, I had arrived in a new place. A place of quiet. A place of predictability. A place, honestly, of sleeping in on Sunday morning.

But, surely, that couldn’t be right. I could not and should not feel at peace. I was worried about finding church again before I lost my way.

Today, this song reminded me that all things come together for His Glory–even though I may question why and how. His answer is just watch and pray. I was reminded that since I have left church, I have found Christians and Christ-lovers in all kinds of places. Since I have left church, I have new ways to talk to people about the love and grace and acceptance that all find in Christ. Today, God sent me a quiet message that I need only keep my eyes on Him and give others the compassion, kindness, and love that He has filled me with.

It’s not about finding church, it’s about being a part of the body of Christ. I have no doubt at this point that someday I will find myself in a church again. But, for today, I am listening to the voice that leads me. For today, I am His and I am enjoying this place of renewal and peace and quiet. For today, I am loving the family and friends that I am surrounded with. For today, I am at home in Him.

Maybe like me, you needed to hear that, too. We are not refugees because we have never left behind what we know to be true.

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