Friendship Nuptials

In Encouragement, Friendship, Love and Romance on November 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm

Being a friend is serious business. No matter how short-lived the friendship is, friends leave their mark on your life. In some ways and in some instances, a friendship can be a more intimate undertaking than a romantic relationship. It just hit me that I’ve been far more careful and studied in my dating life than I have in my friendship life. Maybe I should be just as careful and studied in my phileo friendship life.

I would never allow a romantic interest to say mean things to me or disregard my feelings or exit & enter my life at a whim. I would never allow a romantic interest to place demands on my time or make me feel guilty about the things that I choose to do with my time. But, somehow, I have allowed my phileo friends to do these exact things.

I require respect from my romantic interest, as well as compassion and honesty. I am open and honest with him, and expect the same from him. I don’t like to sweat the small stuff, and since we are attempting to forge a long-term relationship a lot of things have to be categorized as small stuff. I expect disagreements, but I expect that our disagreements are between us and that we can both be honest about exactly why we are upset.

Maybe these things are not just for romantic relationships, but for healthy relationships period? Or, should I expect something different from my romantic relationship with a man than I should from my phileo friendships (that happen to be mostly with women)?


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