Healing: Stages of grieving

In Encouragement, Law School Problems, Somewhat disjointed rant... on October 28, 2012 at 7:05 am

It’s easy to blog when I’m happy. It’s easy to spread encouragement. I just think about what I need to hear on days when I feel hopeless, burned out, and used up. Days like today. Yesterday, I gave myself permission to walk away from pain. But, I wasn’t vigilant enough. You see, pain is a sneaky thing. It’s like a lioness attempting to take down a wildebeest  The lioness knows damn straight she can’t take down a healthy wildebeest from a herd of healthy wildebeest. She has to wait for a weakness in the group: a sickly wildebeest; a lone wildebeest wandering off; a young, impetuous wildebeest to0 quick to believe itself strong and indestructible. Though the herd may well sense the lioness’s presence and move away from her. Well, she IS still a lioness.

Needless to say, pain snuck up on me. I was susceptible. Studying all day after a week of studying and working for five days. Tired. Bored. Boring. Burned out. I was that lone wildebeest who wandered away from the herd. Pain came at me like a lioness from the tall grass: fast, efficient, devastating.

Still in repair.


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