Bad days and birthdays…..

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2012 at 11:21 pm

And the cure for it all…..

….is love.

Very cliche. My 31st birthday is in 6 days. Turning 30 was novel (exciting even). Thirty-one is not novel. Thirty-one is one step further into my thirties. My mood took a nose-dive from even-keel to stormy seas. Scenes flashed in my mind of things I HAVE NOT done before the age 30. There is no chance those things will happen. None.

Then, love showed up. Love that was just for me. Love that was willing to be focused on me and to try to make me laugh all because I was sad. Love reminded me that it does not dimish as it ages. Love reminded me that, by the age of 31, I will have come to know it better than I did even one year ago. Love reminded me that I had seen it in numerous forms over my 31 years….but there are numerous other forms that I can still meet.

True, I will lose my super high metabolism. I will gain some gray hair. I will gain some wrinkles. I will lose some muscle tone. But, love doesn’t care about bad days or birthdays. Love is greater than all these.


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